Processing 53 year old Kodachrome


As was pointed out in my previous post about Kodachrome getting the film processed as color slides was discontinued years ago. The only alternative way to get the film developed today is to try to develop it as though it was a roll of black and white negative film and use black and white developer or perhaps a process that involved instant coffee.

I was given 3 rolls of Kodachrome II that I assumed was 40 years old to dispose. I decided that instead of throwing it away I’d give developing the film a shot with my usual Diafine black and white film developer and not the process that involved coffee.

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Kodachrome film – 75 years of photos

Kodachrome was once considered the king of all films. It’s high acuity and low grain made it the standard to which all others strive to become. Almost every new film emulsion that came out was pitted against Kodachrome in a side-by-side comparison article in magazines such as Popular Photography and Modern Photography. Many, many words were written about the film and even more photographs were made with using it. If the slides that it produced were stored in a dark storage case they’re purported to last at least 100 years whereas negatives and E6 film would last about 25 years, give or take. Continue reading