Sony MZ-RH1 EL-display change

Sony MZ-RH1 Minidisc//
I adore the Sony Minidisc player. I know it’s old technology, but it still works and does a great job recording and playing back what was recorded. I particularly like the last Minidisc unit that Sony produced, the MZ-RH1. It’s small, versatile and perfect for the descreet recordings. One of the benefits of the MZ-RH1, other than being able to pull off music from older Mindisc players, was that it had a wonderful bright EL-display. The bad side was I found that over time the OLED was prone to fading.

When the fading problem developed I sent the Sony to have them fix it but they sent it back saying they were unable to fix it. I then decided to try fixing it myself if I found a working part. A new MZ-RH1 can run close to $500 – $2000 on eBay. After some research I found the display I needed was 1-802-022-11 and it was used in another product Sony manufactured, the NWS205F player. I located one and purchased it right away. The NWS205F was a really nice player and I really wished it wasn’t necessary to take it apart, but the MZ-RH1 had a higher priority.

Here’s my video of changing out the organic EL display. It wasn’t as easy as I had hoped, but was pretty straight forward once I got past all the glue. Took about 1.5 hours and the hardest part was taking the EL panel off since it’s basically glued on with heavy-duty adhesive. Putting everything back together wasn’t that simple either because of the buttons.

I do not take responsibility if you try this and your unit fails or breaks. This was my attempt to get it done.


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