Processing 53 year old Kodachrome


As was pointed out in my previous post about Kodachrome getting the film processed as color slides was discontinued years ago. The only alternative way to get the film developed today is to try to develop it as though it was a roll of black and white negative film and use black and white developer or perhaps a process that involved instant coffee.

I was given 3 rolls of Kodachrome II that I assumed was 40 years old to dispose. I decided that instead of throwing it away I’d give developing the film a shot with my usual Diafine black and white film developer and not the process that involved coffee.

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Sony MZ-RH1 EL-display change

Sony MZ-RH1 Minidisc//
I adore the Sony Minidisc player. I know it’s old technology, but it still works and does a great job recording and playing back what was recorded. I particularly like the last Minidisc unit that Sony produced, the MZ-RH1. It’s small, versatile and perfect for the descreet recordings. One of the benefits of the MZ-RH1, other than being able to pull off music from older Mindisc players, was that it had a wonderful bright EL-display. The bad side was I found that over time the OLED was prone to fading. Continue reading