Patio furniture – What was once old…


What was once old will become new again with a little elbow grease.

While shopping at Pier 1 Imports my wife saw some umbrellas for patio furniture, but she didn’t want to get one for the furniture we already owned. Our patio furniture had seen better days. The black paint had faded, there were bits of rust peeking through some chipped paint, the plastic feet on the legs had all but disappeared and, worse of all, the birds have decided to use it as a restroom. They weren’t used because of their poor shape. One thing led to another at the store and we started looking at new furniture but held off until we shopped at other places.

I then saw a YouTube video on repainting an old patio chair made by Home Repair Tutor (aka Jeff Patterson). I was inspired and decided that day that I would transform the way our furniture looked and they would be used again.

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Processing 53 year old Kodachrome


As was pointed out in my previous post about Kodachrome getting the film processed as color slides was discontinued years ago. The only alternative way to get the film developed today is to try to develop it as though it was a roll of black and white negative film and use black and white developer or perhaps a process that involved instant coffee.

I was given 3 rolls of Kodachrome II that I assumed was 40 years old to dispose. I decided that instead of throwing it away I’d give developing the film a shot with my usual Diafine black and white film developer and not the process that involved coffee.

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Sony MZ-RH1 EL-display change

Sony MZ-RH1 Minidisc//
I adore the Sony Minidisc player. I know it’s old technology, but it still works and does a great job recording and playing back what was recorded. I particularly like the last Minidisc unit that Sony produced, the MZ-RH1. It’s small, versatile and perfect for the descreet recordings. One of the benefits of the MZ-RH1, other than being able to pull off music from older Mindisc players, was that it had a wonderful bright EL-display. The bad side was I found that over time the OLED was prone to fading. Continue reading

Kodachrome film – 75 years of photos

Kodachrome was once considered the king of all films. It’s high acuity and low grain made it the standard to which all others strive to become. Almost every new film emulsion that came out was pitted against Kodachrome in a side-by-side comparison article in magazines such as Popular Photography and Modern Photography. Many, many words were written about the film and even more photographs were made with using it. If the slides that it produced were stored in a dark storage case they’re purported to last at least 100 years whereas negatives and E6 film would last about 25 years, give or take. Continue reading